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Group Outdoor Personal Training Fitness Programs and Classes


Discover group fitness classes with Clare Trevena at Step Into Life Beacon Hill


Clare Trevena is owner of Step Into Life Beacon Hill and a Fitness Australia registered personal trainer. She also has belts in Tai Kwon Do, an instructor's license in Commando Krav Maga, a belt in Dutch Muay Thai and she trains in Muay Thai as well.

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With a passion for fitness, Clare believes anyone can get fit regardless of age and ability level and she loves supporting people from all walks of life who want to improve their health and wellbeing.

Clare opened Step into Life Beacon Hill at the beginning of 2016 where she runs small group training programs for residents of the Northern Beaches.

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Since then Clare has had the pleasure of helping numerous group fitness clients transform their lives and make new friends through Step Into Life.

Group training workouts for women aged 35 plus

Step Into Life’s target market is women aged 35 and over who are getting back into fitness. However there are a lot of male members too.

Clare's bubbly and enthusiastic nature, along with her passion for personal training is evident from the moment you meet Clare.

The age group that we train is 35 and older, so it's not for young, buff people.

“It's a lot of middle-aged people who have niggling parts… Knee, back and shoulder issues.

“If people have those types of problems we always have an alternative, so there's never a feeling of not being able to train.

“There is always something that they can do to get out and get moving and get healthy.

“I get a lot of women, and men too, coming in and saying they don't want to be trained in the gym by a young person who has no idea where they’ve been or what they’ve been through."

Clare has people coming to her saying - “It's great - you’re a mum, you've had injuries, you’ve had everything. You know what's going on”.

If you’re 35 years old or over, Step Into Life Beacon Hill is the place to come if you’re looking for group fitness.

Group outdoor personal training

Step Into Life Beacon Hill have a variety of personal training sessions throughout the week and on Saturday mornings.

There are various group training workouts and class times to choose from. Weekday training programs are scheduled throughout the day.

Classes run in the early mornings at 6am, mornings at 9am and evenings at 6pm.

Step Into Life is not just group training. It’s a community. It’s a family.

It’s somewhere where people can come and train and feel safe and secure.

Members feel that they’ll be able to reach their goals in a reasonable time, without being pushed or yelled at.

Really good friendships are made within the group. People are encouraging and welcoming. Everyone has a laugh. It's fun.

The small group sizes currently range from 4 to 8.

If groups are larger than 15, there must be 2 trainers, so you know you’re always getting personal service.

If you prefer small group training and you’re looking for group fitness, come and get involved in the fun at Step Into Life Beacon Hill.

Anybody can get fit and healthy through group training

Clare’s goal with Step Into Life Beacon Hill is making people feel welcome and feel like they can achieve their fitness goals.

“I believe everyone can get fit and healthy”.

Within the same group Clare can train many different levels of fitness.

“I can train someone that's never been fit in their life, never done any fitness, is 20kg overweight."

“And I can also train a marathon competitor that trains six days a week."

Clare also puts a big emphasis on the correct technique and safety of her clients.

“I would rather have my members give me 2 perfect technique exercises than give me 100 that are not the correct technique."

“It’s extremely important as the trainer to make sure that they're doing correct technique when they workout, so they don't injure themselves.”

Clare’s goal is to ensure all her clients are getting the best out of their training.

Start working out safely and to your own fitness level with Step Into Fitness Beacon Hill.

Group fitness programs and events

Step Into Life itself has been going for over 20 years and has locations all around Australia.

Once you become a member with Step Into Life, you're a member for life.

You can go to any Step Into Life location around Australia and be welcomed.

Step Into Life Beacon Hill offer 6 exciting fitness programs that provide variety and fun.

Click the links on this page to learn more about CardioMax, BoxKick, ToneUp and PowerFlex programs.

Step Into Life Beacon Hill also provide Endurit and Achievit extras programs.

These group personal training programs are special sessions held every three months.

EndureIt is a military style bootcamp for people who want to push themselves a little bit more.

AcheiveIt helps members prepare for an event.

“If we’ve got Pub2Pub or City2Surf coming up, 6 weeks before that event we will train specifically for that event.

“We’ve  also done the 65kms for Cystic Fibrosis endurance walk in Princes Park and Royal Park in Melbourne.”

One of our members has cystic fibrosis so one of our first events was 65kms for Cystic Fibrosis.

Group personal training Beacon Hill

Step Into Life Beacon Hill is based at beautiful Beacon Hill reserve, an inspiring place to start or end your day.

It’s the perfect place for snapping a selfie with your group fitness training buddies at sunrise or sunset.

The reserve has a free carpark with plenty of parking available so there's no worries about finding a place to park.

There’s access to the beach and access to the lookout which has amazing views of beaches and of Sydney.

There are a lot of different areas that can be accessed for different types of exercise, which makes every single session different.

“My group never come to the oval and do the same session."

“There’s a lot of variety and a lot of fun."

It’s an outdoor group, so unless it's very wet weather it’s always held outdoors.

The alternative wet weather spots are the Beacon Hill Scout and Beacon Hill primary school.

One of the best locations that services clients looking for group training Northern Beaches, Lane Cove and Manly is Step Into Life Beacon Hill.

Group fitness for those with a disability

Clare’s small group training programs are also inclusive for clients who have disabilities.

By helping with their fitness, Clare has learned a lot about specific health issues and has also learned how to train someone with an illness properly.

“It's important learning about what people come to your group fitness classes with, not just thinking that every single person is the same.”

One of Clare’s clients has cystic fibrosis, a genetic disease for which there is no cure.

“Cystic fibrosis causes a buildup of mucus within the lungs, producing a lung function of around 36%.

“People with cystic fibrosis used to only live to the age of 18. They now live past 30.

“My member with cystic fibrosis is 36 years old, she comes twice a week and she is just amazing.

“Just to know how she can get to the sessions and seeing the improvements in how long she can last. It's inspiring."

If you have a disability, discover the experience of outdoor group personal training that’s tailored to your needs at Step Into Life Beacon Hill.

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